Smoke Detectors & Heat Alarms

Smoke detectors provide vital protection from the dangers of fire in the home. They provide an early warning and precious time, which can save lives.  The aim of having working smoke detectors in every home is a high government priority and a great deal of money is being spent on advertising to raise awareness of the causes and effects of fire.


Battery operated smoke detectors are available from most hardware stores but they do have their disadvantages. Let’s say you buy two detectors – one for the kitchen and one for the hallway. You install them as per the instructions and you feel protected and safe. However, a few days later the smoke alarm in the kitchen keeps going off whilst you’re cooking. To stop this, you decide to disconnect the battery until you have finished. Now you are relying on not forgetting to reconnect it and if you do forget, you have halved your protection. A couple of months later, the other smoke alarm keeps bleeping constantly, a sign that the battery is running low, and because you don’t have a spare battery, you disconnect it. Now you have no protection!

The Fire Brigade and Home Office post-fire reports shows that 40% of smoke alarms in the home did not work due to flat or missing batteries!

D R Electrical Services recommend a mains operated smoke and heat alarms with a battery back-up. An independent circuit is installed from the fuse box for the smoke alarms in accordance with NICEIC standards. A heat sensor will be installed in the kitchen as it operates on the heat intensity in its surroundings and not the smoke, which, in effect, will decrease the number of false alarms. All the sensors are linked and will activate simultaneously in the event of a fire. The battery back-up provides the same protection even if there is a mains power outage in the area.

Whether you need a new smoke detectors or heat alarm system designed and installed, or a smoke detector repair service, Give Daniel a call for a free survey & consultation.


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